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Warehouse Management System

Improve the Efficiency of Tracking Inventory and Attain Operational Accuracies of 99.5% or Better. A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application designed to support and optimize warehouse functionality.

Warehouse Execution System

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Distribution Center. A Warehouse Execution System (WES) can be found within a Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Warehouse Control System (WCS).

Warehouse Control System

Maximize the Efficiency of Warehouse Operations by directly controlling and directing automation equipment including conveyors, sorters, robots, AS/RS, and more.

Helping various industries improve accuracy and efficiency

E-Commerce Solutions

Customer-focused order fulfillment and reliable omnichannel solutions to meet these new e-commerce demands.


Software capabilities that provide aerospace parts manufacturers and distributors end-to-end traceability to increase productivity and accuracy.


Software for various warehouse functions, including kitting, WIP management and location tracking, order consolidation, lot control, and back order crossdocking.

Retail and Omnichannel

WMS/WES/WCS solutions deliver increased customer satisfaction in fill rates and response time by achieving 100% operational visibility, superior order accuracy, and extraordinary productivity gains.

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Chef Works


Boot Barn

Software features to smoothly run your warehouse operation


Pick and Put-to-light uses light directed technology combined with the warehouse execution or warehouse control (WES/WCS) system to direct operators to either pick product, or put product from / to a particular location.

Robotic Picking

Robotic picking is really just taking that next level up from hands-free picking as it is effectively people- free.

Voice Picking

Voice directed operations are a form of hands-free operational functions where the operator completes warehouse tasks using only voice commands. Solutions including picking, put away, inventory control and outbound operations.

Cross Docking

Cross-docking means that an item is coming into a receiving operation, it’s on your dock, and it’s already been assigned or allocated to fulfill an order.

Hands-Free Picking

Hands-free operations is a form of automation where the operator is hands free which includes voice picking, pick and put-by-light, horizontal carousels, vertical carousels, VLMS, and more.

Slotting Analysis

Slotting analysis is the practical application of statistical analysis of an SKU base in a warehouse distribution center or manufacturing facility.

Resources to help you maximize operations

An Introduction to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

A Guide to Understanding Warehouse Automated Storage Solutions

About Intek

Intek provides warehouse automation software that uniquely combines Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Execution System (WES), and Warehouse Control System (WCS) capabilities into one integrated and superior solution to optimize the efficiency of your operation.

Our clients say it best

“We stock, manage, and distribute over 90,000 items for our ecommerce customers. Prior to Intek we struggled with capacity and throughput when our warehouse staff expanded from 110 employees non-peak to 190 employees during peak season. Intek’s warehouse automation software solution enabled us to optimize peak season labor and improve productivity and efficiency by nearly 400% while increasing our customer order accuracy rate to 99.8% – all while order/line volume increased 40% plus! Their solution gave us the throughput gains necessary to handle our peak season.”

Boot Barn

“We distribute footwear to Amazon, Zulily, FootSmart, ShoeBuy, and Kohl’s, some of the largest retailers out there. To succeed in meeting the increasing demand of sales orders over the long term we were going need to develop an automated system and we also had a problem with inventory accuracy. With Intek’s system we were able to reduce our labor by 50% while maintaining the same volume and increase our inventory accuracy from 90% to 99.5% – the change has been incredible.”


“Since Go-Live, we are much more efficient because we are not spending 15 to 20 minutes looking for one lost item only to cancel the order and disappoint the customer. Sales have been on a steady increase for the last four years, so we are fortunate to have a system in place that can now support it. We finally have a scalable operation.”


“We move over 12 million units through our distribution center annually, running 24/7. With Intek’s warehouse automation software we have quadrupled our business over the last 10+ years with minimal increases to warehouse staff. Intek’s high-quality service has really enabled us to meet our objectives.”


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